Indigenous Navigator to promote Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Indigenous Navigator is set of tools that monitor recognition and  implementation of the rights of indigenous peoples. Indigenous Peoples Organizations and communities, duty bearers, NGOs, journalists and researches can use these tools to monitor the Indigenous Peoples rights and development.

The Indigenous Navigator monitors the implementation of:

  1. The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples;
  2. Core human rights conventions as they pertain to indigenous peoples;
  3. Essential aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals;
  4. The outcomes of the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples;

LAHURNIP has implemented the monitoring tools to monitor Indigenous Peoples Rights and development. Based on the findings of the monitoring, series of advocacy initiatives are being held from grass roots to international levels to sensitize the policy makers to address the Indigenous Peoples' aspiration to development.

LAHUNIP is encouraging Indigenous Peoples Organizations and communities including local governments to use the Navigator tools to preparing community development plan.

1.Final Long Community Questionnaire NepDownload & Print