What we do

LAHURNIP is committed to protecting, promoting and defending the rights of Indigenous Peoples of Nepal. LAHURNIP promotes meaningful implementation of the ILO Convention No. 169, United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) inter alia with other international human rights instruments that Nepal is a party to. It has been working to create solidarity to the regional and international Indigenous Peoples' rights promotional initiatives.

It empowers, mobilizes and provides technical support to engage in advocacy, and legal aid to those Indigenous Peoples whose lands territories, resources and livelihoods are disproportionately affected by or struggling to defend human rights violated mainly by the State, development aggression, and business/economic activities. It works holding the State, Development Finance Institutions and companies accountable to human rights.

It produces knowledge on the rights of Indigenous Peoples through evidence collection, decolonizing research, documentation, critical policy analysis, high level policy dialogues, and dissemination to a wider audience to create public discourse and influence in policy change in line with the UNDRIP and ILO Convention No. 169

It is working with Non-Indigenous Peoples, women, youths, people with disability based on the non-discrimination principle and restorative justice.