Displacement of Shanthal Indigenous Peoples by the road expansion project, Morang District


The government of Nepal has widened the road of 22 KM (from Katari, Nepal to Tarigama India) that displaced 32 Households of  Shanthal Indigenous Peoples in Jadaha Rural Municipality-7, Morang district, Province No. 1 in 2016. The involuntarily displacement occurred without Free Prior Informed and Consent (FPIC) of peoples concerned. Even the displaced families were not consulted in the process of displacement.

The displaced family settled on government owned land, but a person tried to restrict the shanthals to enter in to the land claiming that some portion of the land occupied by shalthals is owned by him.

The dispute occurred between that person and displaced Shanthals. 3 false cases (looting, Offence relating to the Hurt or Grievous Hurt and land grabbing) have been filed against Shanthals.  3 community leaders were put in to police custody for 28 days. The district court, Morang has made decision for 6 months prison for Shanthal leaders. The Shanthal are struggling for gaining land title in their name. LAHURNIP and Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Defenders (IPHRDs) are providing necessary support for their struggle.