Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve


Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is Nepal's only reserve where hunting Blue sheep and other animals is legal. It was established in 1987 under the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act-1973, that covers an area of 1,325 km2 (512 sq m) in the Dhaulagiri Mountain of western Nepal in Rukum, Myadi and Balung Districts which are the ancestral lands of Magar, Gurung, Chhantyal, Thakali Indigenous Peoples in particular.

The hunting reserve has impacted the livelihoods, way of life, culture, spiritual, natural resources and territories of peoples concerned. Thousands of indigenous individuals are reportedly being displaced physically and economically. The administration of the reserve does not allow them to access the natural resources they have already been using for generations.

The government of Nepal established army camp in 2016 suppressing the voice of Indigenous Peoples and locals against the militarization. Further, all activities to establish military camp and related work were taken place without FPIC of Indigenous Peoples. The indigenous peoples are defending their customary rights to lands, territories, resources and livelihoods since 2012. LAHUNIP is proving legal assistance to the affected communities to strengthen their advocacy.

Media coverage

10 June 2022 : ढोरपाटन शिकार अारक्षले सैनिक बसाल्न खोज्दा स्थानीय अान्दोलनमा उत्रिएका छन्

4 June 2022: Protest Against Militarization in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, Eastern Rukum

1 June 2022 : रुकुम पूर्वको बयलडाँडामा सैनिक क्याम्प राख्न खोजिएपछि स्थानीयको विरोध

15 December 2021 : Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve struggles to get back its land