Poultry Farm Company abused FPIC and Environmental rights in Soravag, Morang.


A poultry farm, registered in the Department of Industry in 5 May 2011 as a private company, has 4 Nepalese shareholders has badly impacted the Indigenous Peoples such as Shanthal, Urau, Gangai, Rajbamshi in particular and other local communities.

The farm was established in Soravag, Morang, Estern Nepal without FPIC of affected peoples concerned. The company did not provide information to the communities on adverse and beneficial impact of the farm and it came in to operation even without conducting environmental impact study that is mandatory by law. The environment around the village was much polluted due the solid waste emerged out of the farm.

As stated in the project documents, the farm is expected to produce 38,000,000 eggs every year. Its financial report 2017 shoes that the total investment in the farm is NPR 38,000,000. Affected communities strongly resisted the farm since its establishment demanding the relocation of the farm.

The communities experienced multiple forms of diseases due to the high numbers of flies. Eventually, the company and communities reached to an agreement in May 2017 to relocate the firm within 2 years. LAHURNIP has provided legal and technical support to strengthen their advocacy initiatives.