World Bank Financed 220 kV Khimti-Dhalkeber Transmission Line Project


The World Bank financed 220kV Power Transmission line project extends from Kirnetar in Dolakha district to Dhalkebar in Dhanusa district. The power transmission line passes through Sindhuli District. 73 KM transmission line has a 15-metre Right of Way (RoW) on either side. The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), state owned corporation, has developed the project. The construction of the line began in 2006, and was scheduled to be completed by 2009, but the project has been halted for long time due the dissatisfaction of the affected communities of Sindhuli district.

The project was seriously conflicted with Indigenous (Tamang, Magar and Newar) and local communities (Dalit, Chherti and Bhramhan) in Sinhuli district since the project went without due process of law. The project violated FPIC, consultation, participation, information including benefit sharing. The project violated national and international laws and polices including operational policies of the World Bank. In addition the affected communities had big concerns on safety, health and economic impacts as the transmission cables were set to run over the school building and human settlements

LAHURNIP and Accountability Counsel, a US based Organization, supported the communities in complaint process. The complaint was submitted in July 2013 to the inspection panel of the World Bank. The inspection panel has released investigation report in 2015 that recognized the violation of Bank's operational policies including FPIC. The affected communities also filed the case in Supreme Court. The World Bank and NEA offered facilitated dialogue between affected communities and NEA to resolve the issues but failed to address all communities' issues however communities have been able to secure compensation as demanded.

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