The Lands Grabbing in Khokana – the Ancestral Lands of Newa


Khokana –the ancestral lands of Newa Indigenous Peoples, located in Southern Lalitpur, is in under serious threats due to the  development aggression being carried out without obtaining Free Prior Informed and Consent (FPIC) of Newa Indigenous Peoples. Multiple development projects (Express Highway/fast track, Outer Ring Road, Bagmati Corridor, Satellite City, and a high-tension power) are set to be operated in Khokana that likely to create adverse impact on Newa IPs to livelihoods, Identity, cultural heritage etc. The projects are causing displacement (physical and economic) of Newa Indigenous Peoples and other local communities.The fast track highway alone has to acquire 912 Ropanies of land in Lalitpur area.

Now, the express highway – a largest infrastructure National Pride development project with 76.2km from Khokana, Lalitpur to Nijgad of Bara district – is being managed by the Nepal Army. Asian Development Bank and World Bank (WB) have reportedly involved providing support for the project, but the authentic full information has not been disclosed.

Affected Indigenous Peoples, Save Nepa Valley Movement, Nepal Sanskritik Punarjagaran Abhiyan, Community Empowerment and Social Justice (CEmSoJ) - an NGO working for social justice and human rights including other Indigenous Peoples Organizations are making joint effort to promote self-determined development and cultural heritage.


LAHURNIP is providing legal support to the affected communities to secure their rights.

Media Coverage

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