Special, Protected and Autonomous regions of Indigenous Peoples in Nepal


UNDRIP has guaranteed the rights of Indigenous peoples to self-rule, autonomy and self-determination including land territories and resources.  Article 56 (5) of the constitution and clause 99 of the Local Government Operation Act 2017 has provisioned Special, Protected and Autonomous Region for socio-economic and cultural development of IPs but there is no provision to guarantee autonomy and self-governance with right to self-determination and it is just for socio-economic and cultural development. 

But, this provision is not implemented yet however 15th five year plan (2019-2024) is commitment to implement this provisions. The Supreme Court has issued directive order to the government of Nepal in December 2018 to devise necessary laws to ensure autonomy of Baram Indigenous Peoples. LAHURNIP has provided legal support to the peoples concerned for court process.  Indigenous Peoples of Nepal are making demands to get implemented this provision. LAHURNIP is providing required ethical support to the Indigenous Peoples to strengthen their initiatives.