Sacred lands of Indigenous Pradhan Newa was grabbed by Mega Business Complex, Thamel Kathmandu.


Chhaya Devi Complex Pvt. Ltd, a private Neapli company, has constructed mega sophisticated and well-facilitated shopping mall in Thamel, Kathmandu. In 2009, the company has unlawfully acquired the communal trust lands of Pradhan Newa Indigenous Peoples. The company has encroached the sacred pound 'called 'Kamal Pokhar' and its banks with wells and other sacred/ritual sites as result religious and cultural customs and traditions of Pradhan Newars based on the pond and its embankment lands have been devastated.

Pradhans had traditionally used the pond for their daily rituals from the ancient time. During the dictatorial Rana oligarchy, then Prime Minister Keshar Shumsher Rana forcefully annexed the pond in the compound of his palace – Keshar Mahal – built in 1895 while the Pradhan Newars were given limited access to the pond.

The peoples concerned are protesting the moves of the government and the company demanding to repeal of all transactions of the communal trust and respect the rights of Indigenous peoples to culture and collective lands. LAHURNIP is supporting the communities to strengthen their advocacy providing legal aid to the court process and submitting complaint to the international human rights mechanisms from 2014. The demands of the peoples concerned are yet to be addressed.

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