Electricity Power Transmission Line Projects in Ilam, Morang districts


Nepal has plans to develop 4,000 KM of transmission line and 40,000 Mega Watts (MW) of hydropower generation by 2040. The power transmission line projects in Nepal are going through conflict with the affected communities. The projects have brought numerous issues such as massive land grabbing, FPIC, environmental, compensation and benefit sharing.

The power transmission line projects are being developed by Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), a state owned corporation. The NEA is developing major transmission line projects with financial support of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs). However, 15th five year plan of the government of Nepal is committed to bring clear polices and legal provisions in relation to hydro-power projects including Right of Way (RoW) of power lines, land acquisition, benefit sharing and environmental and social obligations.

Upon the request of affected communities, LAHURNIP is providing legal and technical support to the affected communities by the transmission line. Currently, LAHURNIP is giving legal advice to the affected communities of Illam, Kathmandu, Morang districts.