WEBINAR: Violations of indigenous peoples’ rights in World Heritage Sites

To find a speaker:

00.00 Helen Tugendhat, Forest Peoples Programme, introduction
05.25 Shankar Limbu, Secretary, Lawyer’s Association for the Human Rights of Nepal’s Indigenous Peoples
13.30 Venant Messe, Coordinator, Gbabandi (speaking in French)

19.45 Jean-Marie Bantu, Chargé de Programme d'Assistance judiciaire et Administratif des Peuples Autochtone" à ERND Institute (speaking in French)

29.30 John Knox, former UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment, Professor, Wake Forest University School of Law

44.24 Colin Luoma, Researcher, Minority Rights Group International

53.00 Kriangkrai, Karen Network on Culture and Environment (western region)

56.30 Stefan Disko, International Work Group on Indigenous Affairs

1.07.11 Discussion