Mukkumlung (in Khas Nepali language –"Pathibhara")- the sacred lands of Yakhung ("Limbu") Indigenous Peoples.


Mukkumlung is the sacred site (holy place) of Yakhtung ("Limbu") Indigenous Peoples that lies in the hill of Taplejung district, eastern Nepal - a part of the ancestral lands of Yakthung ("Limbu") Indigenous Peoples.

Mundhum – an ancient folk literature and the world view of Yakthung ("Limbu") Indigenous Peoples that governs the entire Yakthung ("Limbu") Indigenous Peoples– describes the significance of Mukkumlung on the Yakthung' world view and philosophy. Therefore, the Yakthung Peoples worship the Mukkumlung with great spiritual and cultural significance.

Latter, the Hindunisation and assimilation process converted the name Mukkumlung in to Pathivara (in khas Neali language) and established Pathivara Dvi (the goddess of Hindu) Temple. The temple is located 19.4 North East from Phunging Municiplaity at an elevation of 3,794 m (12,448 ft).

Now, the Pathivara temple has been recognized as one of the most significant temples of Nepal. The worshipers (Hindu, Buddhist) from across Nepal including India come to visit the temple during special occasions. The Mukkumlung receives a regular flow of thousands of visitors and devotees. It is believed that the Pathivara Devi ensures the fulfillment of wishes of the pilgrims.

The government of Nepal brought an order to formulate the Pathibhara Area Development Board in 1997 AD (2053 BS) in the name of social, economic, religious and cultural development of the Pathibhara Area. Currently, Pathibhara Mata Devi Darshan Cable Car Pvt Ltd- a company established by Yeti Business Grup- has announced to start the construction of cable care to make easy access to the temple. The area development board, local and federal government, private company and other concerned stakeholders are doing different activities in the name of area development without going through the FPIC, consultation and participation of Yakthung ("Limbu") Indignenous Peoples.

The Yankhutng ("Limbu") Indigenous Peoples are demanding their rights to be implemented and revitalized the name as Mukkumlung.

LAHURNIP is providing legal assistance the affected Indigenous peoples.

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Media Coverage 

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