Activities of LAHURNIP:

  • Pro bono legal services in collective interest cases
  • Litigation
  • Seminar and workshops
  • Media advocacy (documentary, radio programmes, publications etc.)
  • Research and case studies
  • Mediation on IPs issues and concerns
  • Works in CBD and environmental sectors
  • IPs women and youth issues
  • Publications
  • Monitoring the human rights situations of Nepalese IPs etc.

Mainly through:

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  • Discussions, debates and dialogues
  • Trainings, workshops, conferences and seminars
  • Lobby, advocacy and campaigns
  • Strengthening and capacity buildings
  • Research, documentations and publications
  • Partnerships, networking and mediations etc.

Prioritized working issues/ areas of LAHURNIP:

  • Promote, protect and defend the human rights, fundamental freedoms, individual and collective rights Nepalese IPs.
  • Promote the better implementation of the ILO convention 169 inter alia other international instruments that Nepal is a party and help Indigenous peoples community to manifest their rights, particularly who are affected by the projects related to land territories and natural resources.
  • Sensitize duty bearers on the rights of IPs to ensure the social justice, equality and sustainable peace in the country
  • Organize seminars, campaign, trainings so that it will help to set meaningful agenda and ensure effective participation of Nepalese IPs in policy and decision making level and assert, preserve and promote their rights in natural resources, bio-diversity, traditional practices and knowledge.
  • Act as pressure group for the empowerment of IPs from grass root level to national and international through legal through legal literacy program so that Nepalese IPs are able to stand and unite to get their voice heard and assert their rights.