About Us

Lawyers’ Association for Human Rights of Nepalese Indigenous Peoples (LAHURNIP) is a pioneer organisation of human rights lawyers working for the rights of Indigenous Peoples (IPs) in Nepal.             

LAHURNIP was established in 1995 by the professional Indigenous lawyers with objectives of ensuring social justice through legal service including Pro bono service in collective rights cases. It has primary objectives of promoting, protecting and defending human rights and fundamental freedoms of IPs in Nepal.

It envisions a situation where IPs are equally participating in the decision making process,  and are valued, respected and listened to, where they feel safe, secure and they can develop their the fullest potential, equal rights and dignity simultaneously in democracy.

LAHURNIP is promoting for better implementation of ILO convention No. 169, United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) inter alia other international human rights instruments that Nepal is a party to. It has been working to create solidarity to the regional and international IPs' rights promotional movements.

Meanwhile, LAHURNIP is supporting Indigenous communities to manifest their rights, particularly those who are affected by the projects in their land, territories and natural resources, in laws and policies.

LAHURNIP envisions full-fledged human dignity, sustainable development and peace which cannot be achieved unless the human rights and fundamental freedoms including collective rights of IPs are ensured and respected. 

LAHURNIP was established to render support and contribute to the rights, human rights and interests of Nepalese IPs. 


  • To ensure, protect and promote the human rights of Nepalese IPs.
  • To conduct different ethnographic research studies and survey about the human rights issues of Nepalese IPs.
  • To make them more alert and sensitive to their rights, welfare and for their fundamental freedom.
  • To establish resource centre and provide detailed information on human rights of Nepalese IPs.
  • To organise different level of workshops, interactions, symposium seminars, meeting in the area of IPs,
  • To work as a national pressure group to defend, ensure and promote basic human rights of Nepalese IPs.  
  • To collect, process, analyse and disseminate information on indigenous human rights issues.
  • To provide free legal aid, in the violation of legal and human rights issues.
  • To conduct different projects concerning to the human rights issues of IPs in Nepal.
  • To organise solidarity campaign and support national and international efforts in order to accelerate the socio-economic upliftments of the IPs in Nepal.
  • To work and contribute in the field of peace and conflict managements.
  • To advocate against racial discrimination and gender inequalities.
  • To work, collaborate and cooperate with International Human Rights Organisations in order to promote the human right and fundamental freedoms of IPs in different level.

LAHURNIP is committed to follow the following values:

Transparency and accountability: Committed to work to ensure transparency at all levels and accountability to the people to which our work is directly concerned.

Equality, Equity and Justice: committed to work to ensure equal opportunity to everyone based on non-discrimination principle.

Honesty: Committed to work with honesty at all levels for betterment of IPs.

Solidarity: Wider solidarity to IPs organisations and movements to fight for establishment of human rights.