Lawyers Association for Human Rights of Nepalese Indigenous Peoples
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Lawyers' Association for Human Rights of Nepalese Indigenous Peoples (LAHURNIP) is an organization working in Nepal with primary objective of promoting, protecting and defending the human rights and fundamental freedoms of IPs' in Nepal. It envisions a replica watches situation where IPs are equally participated in the decision making level, valued, respected and listened to and where they feel safe are safe and where they can develop their fullest potential. Simultaneously, it has been working to create solidarity with the regional and international IPs' rights promotional movement. LAHURNIP, established in 1995, by the professional indigenous lawyers aims at ensuring the social justice through legal aid. Since its inception, it has been promoting the better implementation of the ILO convention 169, UNDRIP inter alia other international instruments that Nepal is a party to, meanwhile, helping Indigenous community to manifest perfect clones their rights, particularly who are affected by the projects upon their land territories and natural resources.

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Indigenous Peoples in Nepal

Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-lingual country. According to the 2011 national census, the total population of Nepal is 26.5 million, of them; indigenous omega replica watches peoples in Nepal make up approximately 35 percent (9.2 million) of the total population. However, "Indigenous peoples´ organizations (IPOs) in Nepal" claim that their population comes to stand more than 50 percent of the population, because IPs´ were under-represented in the census; as because the government itself has legally recognized to be 59 indigenous communities in the country but has left to include in the census of some 16 indigenous communities. The National Foundation for Development ...

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IP’s Rights Programme
नयाँ संविधानमा आदिवासीहरुको अधिकार

ँनयाँ संविधानमा आदिवासीको अधिकार” ऐतिहासिक संविधान सभा मार्फत निर्माण भैरहेको नयाँ संविधानमा आदिवासीहरुको हकअधिकारलाई प्रत्याभुती गराउनु र सम्पुर्ण आदिवासीहरुलाई आफ्नो अधिकारका वारे सचेत र जागरुक गराउने र सम्बन्धीत निकायलाई पनि उनीहरुको अधिकार संविधानमा लेखाउनको लागि जिम्मेवार बनाउने उदेस्यले चलाएको अभियान हो ।

यो कार्यक्रममा संविधानसभा भित्र आदिवासीहरुको हक-अधिकार बारे उठेका विभिन्न प्रशंग उठ्नु र उठाउनुपर्ने विविध विषयबस्तु आदिवासी सभासद र अन्य नागरिकसमाज वुद्धिजीविहरुले खेल्नु पर्ने भुमिका लगायत संयुक्त राष्ट्रसंघ अन्तराष्ट्रिय श्रम संगठन महासन्धी नं। १६९ संयुक्तराष्ट्र more
Indigenous peoples’ rights in new constitution

This series of radio programme entitled ‘Indigenous Peoples’ rights in new constitution’ aims to support the movement of Nepalese Indigenous Peoples that is directed to ensure their rights in the new republic constitution of Nepal. This radio programme produced by the Lawyers’ Association for Human Right of Nepalese Indigenous Peoples (LAHURNIP) has so far been one of the best medium of interaction between the policy makers and the grassroots. The programme was broadcasted through nearly a dozen FM radio stations across the country reaching nearly 50 districts in the district. We the media team of LAHURNIP was able to produce at least 91 episodes of, 30 min. long weekly radio programme.
LAHURNIP’s Programmes

Mass Meeting of Historically Discriminated Communities in the Context of New Constitution

Date: 2072 Falgun 16-17 Venue: Todi Bhawan, Biratnagar, Morang

LAHURNIP’s Documentary