Press Statement

Date: 7 March 2017

Press Statement

Lawyers' Association for Human rights of Nepalese Indigenous Peoples (LAHURNIP) is deeply concerned over the killings of 4 persons, bullets triggering on head, chest, stomach and other sensitive parts of the body, with the gunfire opened by police in Rajbiaj, Spatari occurred during the Mechi-Mahakali campaign of the CPN (UML). LAHURNIP condemns the inhumane and tragic incident. According to the news reporting[1]  and primary sources the incident happened after ending Program of the CPN UML as its cadres started pelting stones over the local protestors resulted into serious and tragic environment.


The excessive use of police force to the unarmed people, propaganda and speech promoting racial hatred against Madhesis by political leaders are the violation of the article 4 of the Convention on Elimination of All forms of Discrimination, thus we urge the government of Nepal and the concerned political parties to be sensitive on such acts.  


We urge the government to hold free, fair, impartial and independent investigation and take legal action against the perpetrators; provide just and prompt compensation and necessary medication support to the injured in order to ensure the dignified life enshrined under the article 4, 4(1) of the UDHR, Art. ICCPR  art. 7 and  the Art. 16 of the Constitution of Nepal.


LAHURNIP urges to the government and concerned stakeholders to promote the dignified and rights to life of the citizen without security threats.


Similarly, we also urge the concerned stakeholders for being sensitive and calm during the 2 days general strike (7 and 8 March) announced by the Sanyukta Loktantrik Madheshi Morcah for preventing to repeat the incident.







Shankar Limbu