Legal Recognition of Badghar - the Customary Institution

  • News Date: January 25, 2021 | Post By LAHURNIP

In January 2021, Barbardiya Municipality, Bardiya district, Lumbini Province brought new law to recognize, protect and promote the customary institution called 'Badghar' of Tharu Indigenous Peoples.

The Badghar system is the traditional mechanism of Tharu Indigenous Peoples to exercise their right to self-determination for their internal affairs. The law is applicable to the Tharu Indigenous Peoples residing in the territories of the Municipality.

LAHURNIP has been working for the recognition of traditional institutions of Indigenous Peoples since its establishment. It has provided technical support to the local government to legislate the law considering the international standards, the constitution and the existing relevant laws of the government of Nepal.

The law that is brought first time ever to recognize such institutions of indigenous peoples in the history of Nepal.