Second Day of Relay Strike against Unjust Road Expansion

  • News Date: April 06, 2017 | Post By LAHURNIP

6 April 2017

In the second day of relay strike organized by 'Kathmandu Valley Road Extension Affected Struggle Committee', members of committee have been sitting on strike at Shantibatika, Ratnapark. The uncertain strike is scheduled to be held every day from 7 am to 5pm till their demands are made. Simultaneously, signature campaign has also been ongoing where large numbers of people have been participating voluntarily. Out of the several activities, affected indigenous peoples and local community under the committee have been sitting on in the relay strike to draw the attention of government and concerned authority for addressing their demand. Lawyers' Association for Human Rights of Nepalese Indigenous Peoples (LAHURNIP) has been closely monitoring the strike.

List of the members on strike today are as below:

  1. Suman Sayami
  2. Rabindra Manandhar
  3. Indraram Maharjan
  4. Gautam Das Manandhar
  5. Pancha Raj Maharjan
  6. Suresh Maharjan
  7. Subarna Manandhar
  8. Lasata Dangol
  9. Bidhya Shrestha
  10. Arjun Khadka
  11. Sukash Lal Shrestha
  12. Sujoj Joshi
  13. Sanubabu Bisunkhe
  14. Radha Shrestha