Mass Meeting by Road Expansion Struggle Committee, Bandegaun, Lalitpur

  • News Date: January 19, 2017 | Post By LAHURNIP

18 January 2017

Indigenous peoples from Bandegaun, Lalitpur organized a mass meeting to protest against illegal and inhumane road expansion in their area. The road expansion will destroy more than thirty cultural heritages built over two hundred years ago. Amongst them, Buddhist temple build on 17th century, traditional Guthi house (Customary institution of Newar Indigenous Peoples), Lokeswore Temple built in Lichhabi era including the houses of people's residing in the area since time immemorial will be demolished.  

Government has not given due consideration to other alternatives while expanding the road. Neither has guaranteed the resettlement and fair compensation for the affected community members. Thus, affected communities have formed a struggle committee named, 'Badegaun Struggle Committee' to raise strong voice for justice. Suman Sayami, Coordinator 'Kathmandu Valley Road Extension Affected Struggle Committee', Shree Krishna Jyapu, Journalist from Newa Rastriya Patrakar Dabu, Advocate Jitendra Bajracharya, Advocate Shankar Limbu and Shanta Prakash Shrestha addressed the mass.