Locals demand implementation of FPIC in Upper Marsangdi

  • News Date: March 06, 2014 | Post By LAHURNIP

Local Indigenous Peoples in 50 KW upper Marsangdy A hydropower project which is in the process of construction by major investment of Chinese Government have demanded to implement Free, Prior, Inform, and Concern (FPIC) with local indigenous peoples for the project works in their private lands. They also have complained that they had not given any information in the process of that project planning. Stakeholders leaded by the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities council office Lamjung have submitted a memorandum demanding to maintain FPIC to District Chief Office (CDO) of the district. Locals have claimed that the project directly affects to the Khudi, Bhulbhule, Simpani, Bahundada and Beshisahar of Lamjung. They also mentioned that they do not accept the Environment Assessment Report which was prepared without their consultation. The project team recently has noticed to locals of Tangri Chock to migrate from their lands made them more serious and aggregative. LAHURNIP on behalf of local Indigenous Community has submitted a complain letter for regular monitoring of this project site.  

Among 10 billion total cost, 90 percent is invested by the Chinese Government and remaining 10 percent by Nepal government.