Indigenous activists charged of public offense in Nepal

  • News Date: July 01, 2016 | Post By LAHURNIP

Indigenous activists Surendraswar Moktan and Ukta Bahadur Thapa Magar have been charged of public offence in Sindhuli district who are seeking their rights violated by the Khimti-Dhalkebar electricity transmission line project. The District Administration Office, Sindhuli handed over warrant letters to them on 30 June 2016. Indigenous and local communities affected by the project have been fighting for their rights for long time.

The project failed to ensure right to information, consultation and participation of the affected indigenous and local communities and engaged in serious human rights violations.  The transmission line en-route over schools, homes, and religious and cultural sites. The affected indigenous and local communities have been asking for proper information of the project and its impacts to the life, health and livelihood caused by the project but the project has been constantly discarding their demand, the affected communities claim.  For that the affected communities are in protest for long time but concerned authorities are not taking their concerns seriously rather the state have been deploying security forces to oppress their protest.

As the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) issued a decision to resume the project activities and the government of Nepal has started the project on 11 April 2016 under the surveillance of security forces. In the clash between the police and protestors nine individual were injured.

The project is funded by World Bank (WB) and executed by Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) which started since 2007. The Project is a double circuit transmission line that runs from Khimti Power Station to Dhalkebar. It spans 75 kilometres across five districts (Dolakha, Ramechhap, Sindhuli, Mahottari, and Dhanusha) of central Nepal.