IP CA Members Proposal for amendment of the draft to ensure IPs rights in New Constitution

  • News Date: July 06, 2015 | Post By LAHURNIP

5 July, 2015, Kathmandu: Fifty Nine Indigenous CA members submitted amendment on the Draft Constitution prepared by the Constitution Assembly. The draft blatantly violates the rights of IPs, enshrined in the Interim Constitution and International Human Rights Instruments that include ILO Convention No.169, UNDRIP, CERD etc. that Nepali is a party to. The draft is inconsistent to the Agreement between IPs and the Government in relation to state restructure of the state, right to self-determination, autonomy, self governance and rights over land territories and natural resources. The agenda of the state restructure is the mandate of Peoples and Indigenous Peoples´ Movement to strike down the prevalent racist policy and structure which only benefit to the elite of Bahun and Chettri (So-called High castes of Hindus).

See for details on Constitution of Nepal_Draft I