Filed the writ of habeas corpus against the illegal detention of IPs land rights defenders

  • News Date: February 25, 2021 | Post By LAHURNIP

25 February 2021

Suman Sayami, chairperson of the struggle committee against the illegal road expansion projects in Kathmandu, and 8 other land rights defenders, were arrested  and put into the police custody in Balaju, Kathmandu when they were protesting the activities of the illegal road expansion in 24 Feb 2021.

The affected communities are carrying out the demonstration to immediately release the detainees, and implement the court order against the demolition. Today, a writ of habeas corpus against the illegal detention is filed in the Supreme Court.

The road expansion project in Balalu is demolishing the houses of Newa Indigenous Peoples and other local communities despite the order of the court against the demolition.

The massive road expansion projects in Kathmandu have been implemented affecting  the thousands of Newa Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

The affected communities have been protesting the project for the past 8 years demanding FPIC and justifiable compensation.