We Don't Want Eviction From our Lands Rather we die

  • News Date: February 15, 2021 | Post By LAHURNIP

"We have been living on this land for generations. Our forefathers cleared the dense forest and made this land cultivable. People from outside entered our territories and grabbed our lands. We don't have land entitlement and other land ownership legal documents. Some people including chairperson of ward no 6 of Dhanpalthan Rural Municipality - who are making fake land ownership claims - are coming in our settlement with police force and threatening us to forcefully evict us from our lands. We don't want eviction from our lands rather we die, said the Shantal Indigenous Peoples of Dhanpal Rural Municipality- 6, Morang.

A total of 57 households of Shanthal Indigenous Peoples are repeatedly threatened to eviction by the land brokers and even by the chairperson of word no. 6 of the Rural Municipality. As said by settlers, the land they settle on are unregistered and people who involve in threatening are reportedly in plan on land plotting for Real Estate Business.

Indigenous Peoples Human Rights Defenders oriented them on existing legal and constitutional provisions on land and responsibility of the local government with regard to land management. The settlers were suggested to make complaints to the local government to settle down the issues in an amicable manner. They have formed a struggle committee to defend their land rights and the LAHURNIP is committed to provide necessary legal support to the landless Shanthals.